Thursday, October 6, 2011

And so it begins....

So this week has been a week from hell, I am thinking quite literally and yes, figuratively as well. Starting even earlier with a little thing here and a little thing there (i.e. computer crashing, car window breaking, etc.). Just annoyances at first but then culminating into just more than I thought could happen in one week.

Paying three hundred dollars in what I personally deem "unnecessary" fines. Having a tyre (aka tire) blow. Repair. Next day, another tyre blows resulting in stranded car. Even more repair and lots of hassle. Losing $100 bucks at work "mysteriously" on one of the highest tip nights I've had in a long night. Receiving a "surprise" bill that we are expected to pay without warning. All this just adds up, as it happens literally within minutes and hours of each other at a constant pace. May not sound like much to some, but it really began to wear on us.

But even in the midst of it all, I can honestly say that inside ourselves we remained constant and at peace. Don't know that has ever happened quite like this. Usually, I think at least one of us would have some sort of meltdown (one of us being a little more extroverted in our meltdown abilities than the other, but hey, no need to incriminate anyone here :). After said meltdown, we would then, hopefully, push into some sort of peace with God, etc., haphazardly bumbling our way through it all. Maybe not as gracefully as possible, but we would always make it on the other side.

But I can honestly say this time was different. Night and Day different. Change My World different. Determine Course of Destiny different. And I cherished every minute of it because on a constant basis we found God at every turn and corner. At the end of it all we are both physically exhausted, to say the least, but soulishly refreshed all the same.

With confidence I can say that both of us have learned invaluable kingdom lessons, gained greater revelation and insight, underwent some intense internal change and growth, and most importantly have fallen deeper in love with Jesus and our heavenly Father as He proved over and over again the standard of who He is.

So what are all these lessons, revelations and insights? How are we different within ourselves, which hopefully translates to outside of ourselves? And just what is that standard of the God of the universe that we experienced moment to moment, day after day?

Well, I'll tell you. But not now. Mostly because it's almost 11 at night and I have to get up early tomorrow with a big morning ahead. But also because how can one encapsulate encountering God in just a few paragrahps? I know I can't at least. And so I will lay it out piece by piece, with each turn to be cherished, and every corner to be savored. Starting tomorrow. I promise.

Until Then...


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